January 7, 2012

[旅行影像日記] paradise

A long trip in the mist with film cameras and backpacks from France to Spain on the mountain Pyrenees. It was like a trip of the life, couldn't see things and it's hard to find the right way in the mist in the beginning, then everything was appeared so clearly when I finally got to the top of the mountain, and I saw the huge lake with magnific reflections. At that moment, I've found the paradise that belongs to me.


2011 / 法國、西班牙 / 底片拍攝

Copyright © PIERRE HUANG, All Rights Reserved.
底片攝影, film, analog, lomo, 攝影師, 台灣, 歐洲, 旅遊攝影,風景攝影, 法國 西班牙 自助旅行.

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